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December 8, 1980: Where were you?

Monday, December 7, 2020 5:15 PM

Where were you 40 years ago when you heard John Lennon had been murdered? Hard to believe that four decades have passed since that night...

My memory is a little fuzzy…I was driving home from work, might have heard something on the radio as I was pulling into the driveway…but I do remember turning on my little Sears black & white TV, which happened to be on the station that carried Monday Night Football, and just then, Howard Cosell broke in to the broadcast to announce the tragedy.

 A sad, awful day, adding to an already awful fall, as Reagan had just been elected a month earlier. Almost every top 40 and AOR station played Lennon and Beatles music nonstop for what seemed like a month, but was probably a week or so, until Yoko’s memorial moment of silence, when the radio stations all went silent. “Imagine” was played hourly, and the not-so-radio-friendly “Give Peace A Chance” was played quite a lot as well, unlike 21 years later, when, post-9/11, Clear Channel (now iHeart Radio network) would censor both songs from airplay to prevent a dulling of America’s appetite for bloody revenge. 

It was A gloomy end to a year that had included personal high points of graduating from college and getting my first job in my chosen career field. A lot of ground has been covered since then...

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